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"Kitchen cabinets are harder to sell day by day. Now many decoration companies are 'competing for business' with us, and they have also begun to make kitchen cabinets. Some consumers simply let them make kitchen cabinets while decorating in order to save trouble!" In recent days, complaints about the cold market of kitchen cabinets have been rising one after another. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network can't help wondering why there are such complaints that Wuhan kitchen cabinet market should be more and more sound with the standard of "residential integral kitchen"

you get what you pay for. Customization is cheap and quality is difficult to guarantee.

why will more and more owners give up which brand kitchen cabinets in the building materials mall and choose to invite carpenters from decoration companies to make cabinets at home? According to the survey and comparison of Xiaobian, if you buy a kitchen cabinet in the mall, the price seems to be thousands or even tens of thousands. The better the quality of the cabinet and panel, the higher the overall price of the kitchen cabinet. And if the owner sees a certain kitchen cabinet in the mall in advance and buys the same materials by himself, please ask the construction master to customize the same kitchen cabinet by himself. The overall price is about 35000 yuan cheaper. How many owners won't be interested in such a tempting discount

as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Can the quality of the kitchen cabinets customized by the decoration company be compared with the brand kitchen cabinets for sale in the mall? Xiaobian found several owners of customized kitchen cabinets and proposed to go home to see the quality of kitchen cabinets. Xiaobian found that almost every kitchen cabinet will have some defects, such as some edges are not smooth, some corners are not neat, and some kitchen cabinets smell a slight pungent smell before they are close, which are not allowed to appear on brand kitchen cabinets now

not all decoration companies are beaten to death here. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. If the construction team or carpenter hired by the decoration company is irresponsible or greedy, there may be a phenomenon of reducing the cost of kitchen cabinets and making more profits. How can the quality of kitchen cabinets be better? Recommended reading: kitchen cabinets are frequently exposed as "cottage" and you need to polish your eyes when shopping.

what is the difference between customization by decoration companies and brand production

what is the difference between kitchen cabinets made by decoration companies and brand production? This is a common concern of many Wuhan decoration owners. For this reason, the editor specially interviewed Mr. Ouyang, the person in charge of an Italian brand kitchen cabinet, who will answer your questions from a professional perspective

"The difference between brand kitchen cabinets and self-made kitchen cabinets is mainly reflected in materials and technology. The selection of brand kitchen cabinets is strictly in accordance with national environmental protection standards and market access system. Large brands also have their own raw material base, which is relatively more environmentally friendly and healthier; while the material source of self-made kitchen cabinets can't be guaranteed, and their own purchase of materials may be cheated, and the construction team of decoration company may also be entrusted with full authority, and shoddy goods may appear Phenomenon. " Mr. Ouyang explained in detail, "In terms of process production, there is always a gap between those produced by assembly line machines and those made by hand. The edge banding of kitchen cabinets produced by machines is smooth and delicate, the sealing line is straight, and the multiple processes of edge banding, head breaking, edge trimming, chamfering and polishing are made in strict accordance with the precise size, which is more standardized and scientific. In nine cases out of ten, there are phenomena such as uneven gluing, uneven edge banding, and uneven line sealing. These details will also be It will greatly affect the home experience and life comfort of the owners. "

in addition to the production, brand kitchen cabinets are superior to self-made cabinets. In terms of installation, based on the environmental protection responsibility for the development of kitchen and bathroom, brand kitchen cabinets will arrange professional and high-quality construction teams to install on-site, so as to ensure environmental protection, dust-free and human installation. And these, whether it is the construction team of the decoration company or the customization of private kitchen cabinets, are difficult to achieve

don't be greedy for cheap when choosing high-quality + environment-friendly kitchen cabinets

the reason why many owners choose to find decoration companies is that they are cheap and easy. Why not? Moreover, the production process of kitchen cabinets is completed in their own home. The environmental protection materials provided by themselves can supervise their production. The quality problem should not exist! In fact, this is a cognitive misunderstanding about environmental protection cabinets. Materials can be bought at real prices, but what best reflects the value of kitchen cabinets is whether their functional design is reasonable and humanized. In addition to the kitchen cabinet itself, the environmental protection of kitchen cabinets also depends on the installation process of kitchen cabinets

whether you buy a brand kitchen cabinet or a self-made kitchen cabinet, please ensure that hardware accessories and adhesives are regular brand high-quality products before installation, which can be seen from their importance to home safety. Wuhan decoration owners should not covet small profits for a while, and decoration is not a lazy thing. It is best to relax the decoration budget in the kitchen cabinet area and go to regular shopping malls to buy brand kitchen cabinets. They are not only protected by public opinion and brand reputation, but also enjoy the rights of warranty, which are beyond the reach of self-made kitchen cabinets




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