Even home is no longer safe. Where else can we go

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Danger is never something you can predict. Once it happens, the loss cannot be measured and the safety cannot be guaranteed

some time ago, a gas leakage and deflagration accident occurred in the 6th floor of Building 5, Fuyuan Building, Nanyuan garden, Beijiao, resulting in four houses being damaged, one seriously injured and seven slightly injured, all of which have been sent to Beijiao hospital for treatment. At present, the Beijiao neighborhood committee has opened all shelters to the damaged residents. Peng district gave instructions for accident rescue and went all out to treat the injured. An emergency response working group has been set up on the site, including the District Emergency Office, Beijiao town public security branch, municipal supervision branch, urban management branch, emergency office, Beijiao neighborhood committee, Beijiao hospital, fire squadron and other departments, which are carrying out emergency rescue and response work in an orderly manner

danger is never something you can predict. Once it happens, the loss cannot be measured and the safety cannot be guaranteed

tragedy after tragedy has sounded the alarm for the safety of our aluminum alloy doors and windows, but we always have a fluke mentality in our hearts. We always think that the probability of this danger happening to ourselves will be very small, and we will put ourselves in danger indifferently. We pray that those who encounter danger will be relieved of their lives, and we also hope that everyone can stay away from danger to ensure the safety of themselves and their families

home is a haven, a place of return, and a place of kinship. It should not become a manufacturing plant of tragedy and a cage of life

after all, even home is no longer safe. Where else can we go

with this purpose, Aichen intelligent doors and windows is paying attention to the safety of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the safety and health of family members, so as to minimize the risk of aluminum alloy doors and windows and forge a new situation of high-end doors and windows

the real-time monitoring of household gas in the eichen home environment monitoring system - when the gas leaks, the voice broadcasts loudly, and there is a mobile phone SMS reminder. The manipulator automatically closes the valve and turns on the exhaust fan to completely eliminate this potential safety hazard

real time monitoring of household power consumption in the eichen household environment monitoring system - the special safety socket will not leak electricity when the water enters and the foreign matter is removed, and the socket will be automatically powered off when it is overloaded. If the system finds leakage, it will sound loudly and automatically cut off power. It is safe and convenient to selectively cut off power after leaving home

real time monitoring of household water in the eichen home environment monitoring system - if the water pipe in the home bursts and leaks, an induction chip will be set on the ground. Once a leak is detected, the water valve will be closed immediately, and a text message will be sent at the same time, so that the flooding of the home will never happen again

balcony door that can ventilate and guard against theft without anti-theft net - breeze sliding door, to prevent being trapped by balcony anti-theft net in case of indoor fire, and to buy valuable time for rescue

outdoor doors that can be unlocked remotely without mains power - lockless safety doors. Even if an indoor fire breaks out, it can prevent the spread of the fire and cause danger to surrounding residents

turn safety into home normality, so that there is no hiding danger. Your home can't tolerate a little danger. Aishen safety doors and windows make your home a real safe, healthy and comfortable home





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