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Example analysis the influence of improper process design on post press processing case analysis case 1:

in July 2004, our factory undertook to print the book "calligraphy art", which has a front opening of 16, a text of 5.625 printed sheets, 70g/m2 double offset paper with 8-color printing on the front and back, with a print volume of 300000 copies and wireless binding

the edition of the book has been arranged by the publishing house, and the film was directly provided to our factory. It was found that there were problems in the process design of the movable part during the composition: for example, 0.5 printed sheet was the second to last post, and 0.125 printed sheet was placed in the last post

considering that the 0.125 printed page of the book is easy to fall, shrink, skew and other problems during binding, we negotiated with the publishing house, hoping to change the manufacturer's service process design, either remove the 0.125 printed page or change it to 0.25 printed page, and it is better not to put it at the end of the post, but the publishing house failed to accept our suggestions and insisted on the original process design scheme again and again

in order to ensure the quality, we can only find another way and take appropriate measures to avoid the above problems on 0.125 single page. Our practice is to manually stick the single page on the book with 0.5 printing sheets, and then bind the pages. However, this not only wastes manpower and increases the workload, but also has low production efficiency and is difficult to guarantee the construction period. After seeing the operation scene at that time, the publishing house also realized that the original process design was unreasonable. So when the book was printed again in July2005, the original 0.125 print was changed to 0.25 print

case 2:

in August, 2005, our factory received the printing task of geography atlas, a senior high school textbook. The book is 16 large volumes, with 4.75 printed pages of text. It is printed with 80g/m2 double offset paper and 8 colors on the front and back, with a printing volume of 120000 volumes, and is bound on horseback

the publishing house directly provides the film to our factory. There is a globe icon on the even numbered pages 3mm from the head of the sky and 3mm from the front of the book. From each single page or single print sheet, the process design is completely correct, but there are still some problems in the process design based on the characteristics of the book, such as multiple print sheets, thick paper, horseback binding, etc. If it is cut according to the size of the finished product, the earth icon on the middle page will be cut off; To ensure that the earth icon will not be cut off, the front opening will be larger than the required size, and the outer pages may not be cut or connected. Therefore, we informed the publishing house and relevant departments about this issue. However, in order to ensure the commitment that everyone has one book before class, it is no longer possible to change the process design. This requires us to overcome difficulties and try our best not to cut off the earth icon, but also to avoid the phenomenon of cutting and connecting pages. In this way, the workload is also increased, the production efficiency is reduced, and the quality is not guaranteed

through the analysis of the above two cases, combined with years of practical experience, the author believes that a good industrial heat conductive plastic can also be used in pipe, heat exchanger, automobile, heating/cooling/refrigeration and other art design schemes, which can not only ensure the product quality, but also facilitate the rooting of the product. According to the latest report of market research, the production efficiency can be improved, and the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort can be achieved

experience summary use the characteristics of high power density, good fast response and stepless speed regulation of the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the experiment

the author has also summarized some experience in the post press work, and is willing to communicate with peers. Please criticize and correct the shortcomings

(1) when designing the jigsaw folding hand, strictly follow the requirements of industry standards. The paper below 60g/m2 is folded at most 4 times, the paper between 60 and 80g/m2 is folded at most 3 times, and the paper above 80g/m2 is folded at most 2 times. In case of any missing part of the printed sheet, the adhesive book will design the last part of the sheet as a whole, and all the missing parts will be placed in front of the last part, so as to facilitate page allocation, page collision and Book splitting. For the book to be bound on horseback, the zero post shall be placed on the outer post, and the smallest zero post shall be placed on the outer post, so as to facilitate opening during binding and prevent missing binding

(2) when there is a need to put together a large version of the zero post, several more sets shall be added as needed to form a large version, and continuous exposure shall be avoided as far as possible, so as to reduce the difficulty and workload of printing

(3) during the process design, the production processes involved shall be integrated and considered comprehensively according to the requirements of live parts, so as to prevent one from neglecting the other and affecting the post press processing quality of products

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