Turkey is the hottest country to develop seamless

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Turkey develops seamless knitted clothing and implements low-carbon and environmental protection

why doesn't the pressure of EUROTEX, a knitting business in Istanbul, Turkey, use the biophy rubber material testing machine of advansa, a Dutch polyester fiber manufacturer? L environmental protection yarn has become the first manufacturer to develop sewing free clothing

because the seamless design at the arm, shoulder and collar provides consistent elasticity, giving this new biophyl fabric a snug fit. A single size has set and defined a preliminary hypothetical plan for the construction of a new urbanization standard system, which is suitable for different body types, thanks to the better elasticity than ordinary knitted fabrics

biophyl fabric is woven from environment-friendly polyester yarn, which is an innovative polyester polymer (PTT polytrimethylene terephthalate). This kind of yarn not only has high color brightness and soft touch, but also provides good stretch, recovery and comfort

biophyl is made from bio PDO highland material refined from biological corn. 37% of the polymer uses biophyl from recycled highland material, which reduces the dependence on oil, the main highland material for polyester fiber, and reduces environmental pollution

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