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With the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and the innovation of inkjet printing technology, inkjet printers have found the future development direction of commercialization since 2009. The "China printer market investment analysis and prospect forecast report" by CIC consultants has brought confidence to extruder enterprises that higher resolution, faster speed, lower noise, more accurate ink drop control, zero particle printing, more uniform color level, longer output life, stronger versatility and lower cost, and development towards specialization and industrialization will be the development direction of inkjet printers in the future. We see that some products are also entering the market with the characteristics of the fourth industrial revolution marked by high digitalization, networking and machine self-organization. Shenlongjie universal object printer has the advantages of low printing cost, high printing speed, working group network printing, etc. at the same time, it can solve the basic needs of small business office printing

in addition, we also see that 70% and 80% of the buyers in the domestic printer market are enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, attracting these commercial users will determine who can get more opportunities in the printer market. The survey shows that individual users in China mainly print documents in black and white, while business users print ppt documents to customers, which have high requirements for color and paper, and need high-quality printers. The same printing action originates from different business needs, which has become the focus of printing manufacturers' competition for the market

in general, the current inkjet printer has reached the level equivalent to the laser printer at the same price in terms of printing speed, printing volume and single page printing cost. Inkjet is no longer a troublesome machine with slow speed, high cost and frequent replacement of ink cartridges. More importantly, the current inkjet products have surpassed the laser products at the same price in terms of cost, printing speed and printing quality. More importantly, inkjet uses ink, which has no dust pollution and low energy consumption. Its advantages in environmental protection and energy saving are unmatched by lasers. In terms of product segmentation, we can see that the commercial spray market is ushering in a period of rapid growth

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