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In the home space, the living room is the main space for our daily activities, and the importance of the sofa is self-evident. If the sofa in the living room is stylish, the overall effect of the living room will be increased. In fact, elegant sofas can take many forms, from fabric art to leather, which can create texture effects. Today, let's take a look at these elegant sofas

recommendation 1. Zhaijia imported 100% all old elm fabric sofa

brand: zhaijia

model: solid wood fabric sofa

fabric: fine wool/fine linen

color: other

style (New): modern simple

sofa function: sofa bed, multi-function, seat

this sofa is processed from natural wood, without adding any chemical adhesives, formaldehyde free, more safe, if your family has a baby, This set of furniture is just for you, and its ultra-high environmental performance will not do any harm to your baby

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recommendation 2. Lambertis leather sofa simple series

brand: lambertis

model: lambertis leather sofa 563 simple series thickened cow leather

style (New): modern simple

sofa function: seat

this sofa has a simple and flexible appearance, and the full color makes people feel more comfortable visually. The super thick backrest is filled with high-quality high-density sponge, which balances the sitting feeling of the sofa. The sofa backrest is made of imported cow leather, which has strong wear resistance. The leather contains mesh small fiber bundles, which has quite strong air permeability

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recommendation 3. Beijing Seiko bonway &mdash& mdash; Sofa

brand: Seiko bonway

style (New): modern simplicity

sofa function: sofa bed

sofa sponge adopts artificial foaming high-density rebound sponge, the frame adopts solid wood frame, and the selected fabric is imported fabric Hardware hinge is Italian saiteng damping hinge, German heitisch extrapolation track. Fabric sofa is easy to clean. The sofa cover can also be removed. The key point is that it can customize different coats according to your favorite style, so that your living room gives a sense of freshness

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recommendation 4. Futon/different Manhattan sofa

brand: different

model: futon/different Manhattan

fabric: fine Velvet/fine linen

Color: other

style (New): modern simplicity

sofa function: sofa bed

this beige sofa has a simple and generous appearance, and light colors and other decorations in the living room are easy to match. In addition, this sofa also has incomparable advantages in the choice of fabrics. Fine linen and fine velvet fabrics have a good hand feel and a strong natural flavor

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recommendation v. Jingyi Meijia American solid wood sofa combination

brand: Jingyi Meijia furniture

model: 341 sofa

style (New): European and American style

sofa function: seat

upright and generous three person sofa can inadvertently become the main corner of the living room, creating a classic and fashionable high-quality European style home style. The fresh green lattice is like a clear feeling after rain, delicate to subtle, Let you experience real perfection

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