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Pinai Luocun franchise store will be grandly opened on July 21. Pinai whole house customization adheres to the concept of simplicity, fashion, leading technology and high quality, adheres to the supporting fashion style, and becomes a model of medium and high-end cabinets and wardrobes! Based on the principle of "customer interests first, service system wins", we have always been committed to understanding customers, and have won the welcome and praise of customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices and diversified and humanized design styles

there will be various preferential activities waiting for you during the opening period


Jizan is a gift - for customers who enter the store to experience pinai products, 28 jizans will be given a beautiful gift. (water cups, dolls, coupons, etc.)

Juhui II:

there is a prize for signing the bill

if the customer pays a deposit of more than 3000, he will give a golden egg without capping it

for every 3000 deposit paid from July 1 to July 21, one golden egg will be smashed on the day of the activity. The golden egg is full of gifts and cash, and there is a chance to smash it into the TV and refrigerator


welcome to sign in

sign in and give a souvenir


cash back for opening

customers who sign bills during the activity will be refunded every 10000

a the top 10 signers will get a deposit of RMB 500 back from 10000

b 11-20 people sign the order, and 300 yuan will be returned from the deposit of 10000 yuan

c if more than 21 people sign the order, the deposit of 10000 yuan will be returned to 200 yuan

Juhui 5:

sign a bill and send an electric cooker with a value of 198 yuan when the payment is over 3000 yuan on the day of the event

an electric oven with a value of 298 yuan when the payment is over 6000 yuan

a microwave oven with a value of 598 yuan when the payment is over 10000 yuan

a disinfection cabinet with a value of 1688 yuan when the payment is over 20000 yuan

Juhui 6: during the opening period, through the factory's special support, the whole product factory's direct price sales

address: pinai whole house customization, second floor, Fuhong square, No. 1 Yanjiang North Road, Luocun, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Li Sheng: 18825973939

Miss Zhang: 18924868217

Tel: 0757-81269149





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