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Mobile phone door lock brings you a more convenient intelligent life experience.

German dog mobile phone door lock has multiple functions and complex structure, which not only maintains stability in performance, but also conforms to the meaning of "upgrading" in terms of material and experience. The door lock of German dog mobile phone not only has the emergency spare lock hole required by the Ministry of public security, but also is equipped with quick unlocking methods such as fingerprint, password and mobile app, which involves computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and hardware technology, and the technical content is very high

the appearance and structure of the door lock of German dog mobile phone should not only surpass the coarseness of the mechanical lock and distinguish it from other smart lock brands, but also make repeated dialectical choices from multidimensional perspectives such as aesthetics, physical strength and engineering implementation difficulty, so as to strive to achieve a smart lock with good beauty and safety

the lock cylinder is to the smart lock as the heart is to the human body. German dogs are well aware of its importance. The door lock of German dog mobile phone adopts C-level lock cylinder, and the design technology is very exquisite. The front and back sides of the key have serpentine eight grooves, which is the most complex key texture at present, and the manufacturing accuracy has reached a new level. We call it serpentine eight grooves

the serpentine eight grooves are closely arranged on the key surface, and the toothed flowers are more complex and cumbersome. If someone wants to use technology to open the door lock, he has no way to start. The serpentine eight channel C-class lock cylinder of the German dog mobile phone lock has complex key arrangement changes, which greatly enhances the anti-theft performance, can resist all known unlocking methods, and has a higher safety factor

in order to ensure the best use of the smart lock as a whole, German dogs choose the core components that have been tested over time and have technical support. The fingerprint identification probe used in the door lock of German dog mobile phone is an optical fingerprint head widely used in the market at present

the optical fingerprint head uses optical scanning. The information obtained by light reflection identifies the fingerprint, identifies the shape and structure of the fingerprint, and obtains the fingerprint information; If an outlaw wants to forge the owner's fingerprint to open the door, he must first get the owner's fingerprint and have high-precision modeling instruments, which are only available to the public security department

we who have used mechanical locks must have a deep understanding of the bad experience brought about by emergencies such as forgetting the key, losing the key, looking for the key, etc. Although the number of occurrences is not many, oneortwo is enough to make people collapse, and even bring a waste of time and money. There are also news reports of tragedy caused by desperate ways such as climbing the window and opening the door

German dog mobile phone door lock, the finger is the key to open the door, without the troubles of mechanical lock, it is very convenient to enter and exit the house, can cope with a richer and diverse use scenarios, and its security has already surpassed mechanical lock

the door lock of the German dog mobile phone adopts the full communication circuit protocol interface, that is, the IOT network card, which belongs to the closed information exchange, and there is no port to link the outside world. All instructions are sent with the communication data encryption protocol, which can prevent hackers from attacking. However, if WiFi or Bluetooth is used to transmit information, it belongs to an open network, with access ports, and the user's door lock information or data is at risk of being hijacked by hackers

German dog has been committed to giving priority to the layout of offline community experience stores nationwide to provide users with high-quality services. Considering the power connection, aesthetics and other factors, it is best for professionals to install the mobile phone door lock. In the process of user use, if there is any situation, due to the particularity of the door lock, professionals are also required to solve the problem immediately

mobile phone door lock has high technical difficulty, complex internal structure and long development cycle. In order to ensure the user experience, it is very picky in material selection and high cost investment, which brings a new convenient and comfortable experience to consumers' daily life

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