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With the increasingly fierce competition in aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls, it is necessary for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to open the shopping malls through channels. The importance of channel construction is self-evident, but it is not a day's work to build the channels. First of all, we should start from the actual situation of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises, and then analyze the specific problems. As long as the two are connected, we can really open the sales malls

problem: uneven distribution of channel capital

it is well known that it is very important for channels to sell goods in shopping malls. Uneven distribution of channel capital allows leading companies to further occupy the heights of shopping malls with exclusive competition, while ordinary companies can only survive in cracks. At the time of market transformation, the spread of Matthew effect is not conducive to the advancement of the whole profession. Even if the transformation of shopping malls is to save powerful companies at the cost of dedicating themselves to small and medium-sized companies, the unfairness of the distribution of channels will drain the promising small and medium-sized companies. Moreover, the channels in shopping malls today are not in exchange for comprehensive strength, but for capital. In fact, the uneven distribution of channels is not conducive to the healthy development of shopping malls. Once some companies with empty tables have mastered the direction of large shopping malls, it is only necessary to delay the forward speed and development direction of the aluminum alloy door and window industry and prevent the transformation of shopping malls

method: analyze the top of the list in connection with actual specific problems. You can participate in various professional aluminum alloy door and window fairs or promotion meetings to improve your popularity and compete for more opportunities for cooperation. Second, we can make full use of the platforms set up by governments at all levels to attract tourists with administrative guidance. Third, gradually establish and improve the promotion channels with less central links, adopt a reasonable price strategy to reduce the central cost, and then improve benefits. Fourth, it is also necessary for small and medium-sized aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to enrich and update the content of products, enrich the characteristic products, develop different aluminum alloy door and window products for different groups, and carry out sex promotion, so that they can show their sharpness in the fierce market competition

therefore, the small editor of Guanhao aluminum alloy doors and windows believes that it is necessary to contact their own conditions to find countermeasures for the construction of aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises. The specific problems are analyzed in detail. As long as they pass the multiple tests of market competition, the company can effectively use its own advantages for capital integration, and can find a suitable way for the development of the construction of the company. Facing the brutal market competition, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should not only improve the quality of goods, but also pay attention to the management of the value chain, so as to give the best play to the available capital





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