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Kanoya wardrobe made a wonderful debut at the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition with its brand-new product concept and brand image. The antique booth design and the attractive franchise discount attracted many business customers to come to consult and join

on March 24, 2015, the 5th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe Expo was grandly opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. The canoya wardrobe exhibition hall, located in booth 1c05 of hall 1, flashed with new product concepts and brand image. This exhibition is the first exhibition of canoya wardrobe after the brand upgrade in 2014, so it has attracted the attention of all parties. The unique image of the exhibition hall of Jiangnan Town, the new Chinese exhibits integrating many original technologies, the dazzling layout of the exhibition hall and the staff uniformly dressed in traditional costumes all make visitors linger and feel that this trip is worth it

the place where the gentle water country love returns

green tiles and white walls, arch window edges, lanterns and peach blossoms, do not compete for strangeness or beauty, just like the Kanoya exhibition hall like an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River, so it is full of Chinese style and unique among many exhibition halls, especially eye-catching. Canoya's unique water country exhibition hall, set off by soft lights and green plants, is full of oriental charm and classical flavor, which makes people yearn and attract visitors

canoya wardrobe exhibition hall

inherit the classical national charm Tiancheng

canoya's new Chinese series on display this time echo and complement the style of the exhibition hall. The new Chinese series products are Kanoya's carefully crafted works based on the in-depth study of consumer needs, integrating traditional culture and customized home culture, and combining oriental classical style and modern fashion. The product inherits the classical design elements, shows the simple oriental flavor, shows the sense of solemnity, introversion and elegance, and is very in line with the emotional needs of the elderly, middle-aged and third-generation consumers in the home market

canoya wardrobe shows new Chinese series new products

in 2015, canoya home furnishing research institute took the lead in building, further improving the core competitiveness of canoya products, ensuring that the 2-3 new products launched every year are more technical and more in line with market demand, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable profits of all franchised stores

unique franchise discount

on the basis of many franchise support policies, canoya made another heavy blow in this exhibition, launching a store building gift bag of up to 10000 yuan, so that new franchise stores can enjoy real discounts

as the first customized wardrobe brand founded, canoya has focused on the wardrobe industry for 14 years, and has always been committed to providing perfect home space for families with the advantages of intensive attitude, excellent quality and high-quality service. It is the leader in the comprehensive strength of China's wardrobe industry. This exhibition is just the first exhibition of canoya in 2015. This year, canoya will appear in more exhibitions to spread the brand and accept new partners. In the future, canoya will take consumer demand as the continuous driving force, continue to innovate and forge ahead, and provide more surprises for the market




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