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IResearch's 2017 white paper on the development of China's cloud communication industry released the concept of social division of Labor Embodied in cloud services, which has had a profound impact on social development. However, packaging or providing interfaces for communication functions (such as SMS, Internet instant messaging, etc.) and delivering them directly to developers as a service will give birth to the cloud communication market. After years of development, the domestic cloud communication market is gradually maturing. Powerful manufacturers are gradually emerging from the market and trying to break through the inherent boundary between SAAS and PAAS

the report focuses on the cloud communication service of PAAS layer, presenting the development status of cloud communication market based on operators and Internet. The report tries to clarify the industrial development path for enterprises from the perspectives of the concept and characteristics, development opportunities, industrial chain structure, business model and future development direction of cloud communication

overview of cloud communication development

cloud communication places communication functions on the cloud PAAS layer and SaaS layer

cloud communication includes two conceptual understandings in broad sense and narrow sense. In a broad sense, all voice and data communication function services based on Internet cloud services can be called cloud communication; In the narrow sense, it only refers to the API or SDK that encapsulates the communication function for developers to call and belongs to the PAAS layer service. This report will focus on the cloud communication service of PAAS layer, taking into account the cloud communication concept in a broad sense

at the same time, we define communication as two types of communication forms, including basic operator business and Internet business, mainly including SMS, voice, IP communication, etc., while traffic business is not within the scope of this report

among the three cloud service types, PAAS is the latest in its development. Compared with IAAs and SaaS markets with high maturity, PAAS is still in the early stage of development. The first PAAS product that can be traced back to now appeared in 2006. Later, Google launched a more mature PAAS product gae. Sina will soon introduce PAAS into the domestic market and launch SAE. After more than a decade of development, PAAS has gradually increased its share in the overall public cloud market. With the advent of API economy, we expect that PAAS will usher in a broader space for development and drive the cloud communication industry to a higher level

improve the division of labor in the industrial chain, and highlight the core value of cloud communication in terms of cost and efficiency.

as a branch of cloud services, cloud communication also inherits its core idea of social division of labor. With the help of cloud communication services, enterprises and developers can more easily embed various communication services without having to bear the high costs of technology research and development, management, operation and maintenance, infrastructure procurement, etc., and also hand over the potential risks in communication services to more professional service providers. At the same time, the enterprise can focus on the development and innovation of its core business, which highlights the value of cost and efficiency. It is also a manifestation of the fine division of labor in the industrial chain

different types are divided according to service mode and communication principle

the types of cloud communication can be divided according to two dimensions: service mode and communication principle. According to the service mode, there are three types of cloud communication services: SaaS layer, PAAS layer and privatization deployment. The SaaS layer is oriented to enterprise or individual end consumers, and the delivery form is standardized software application; The PAAS layer mainly provides services for developers, and most of the deliverables are SDK or API; Privatization deployment is mainly to provide an overall communication solution to enterprises

according to the communication principle, cloud communication can be divided into two categories: operator based and interconnection based. The two categories can be subdivided into short message, voice, Im, real-time audio and video, live broadcast and other different communication forms or product types using different core technologies

the short message service in cloud communication is mainly used for identity verification and business notification

due to the vigorous implementation of the card real name system, the number can basically be used as the basis for distinguishing the user's unique real identity. In 2015, the national information office began to promote the policy of "real name in the app background" and "voluntary in the foreground", which made most app operators choose to identify the real identity of users through SMS verification code. Adding SMS verification link to important operations such as payment and information modification can also better ensure the security of users' accounts and funds. The binding number can effectively associate user information and derive more services

Another important scenario of

SMS cloud communication is business notification, that is, once a user triggers a certain behavior, the background system automatically sends a service notification. Informing users of behavior information in the form of SMS notification can give users a better use experience and alleviate anxiety when information is uncertain

voice services in cloud communication are mainly used for private calls and distributed calls. The problem of personal information leakage in the interconnection has become increasingly prominent in recent years, which has promoted the continuous improvement of users' personal privacy awareness. In the scenarios of car rental, logistics, intermediary, consultation, dating and so on, with the help of the private call function of cloud communication, users can communicate with each other without revealing their real numbers, effectively avoiding the problems of information leakage and harassment

e-commerce, finance, intermediary and other industries are highly dependent on communication with customers. The cloud call center can serve as an intermediary to facilitate customer service distribution and other links, while saving the cost of remote calls

Internet cloud communication helps various apps integrate in app social networking and live broadcast interaction

in app social networking is one of the most important business scenarios of Internet cloud communication. Mobile Internet has entered a new stage of refined operation. Various types of apps, such as information, games, education, medical treatment, sports and fitness, expect to build social relationships among users and improve user stickiness and activity by embedding social functions

live broadcast, as one of the most popular outlets in recent two years, has also become a standard feature in many industry applications. The live broadcast interaction in the field of education creates a more targeted and better interactive live broadcast teaching mode; The combination of social networking and live broadcasting has further improved the activity of users, and formed a traffic effect by creating a "red" in the platform

Internet cloud communication can quickly build business communication and enterprise im capability

cloud communication can also be used to build a business communication platform to meet the multi scenario communication needs of buyers and sellers. In addition, another important scenario with great development potential for cloud communication is the establishment of IM systems within enterprises. As digital office has increasingly become the mainstream office form of almost all enterprises, build a set of convenient internal communication and full terminal 2 The enterprise IM system with simple structure, small volume, low height, light weight and multi-channel is particularly necessary. Customized enterprise IM services can also realize the data connection between im modules and CRM, OA, ERP or other systems to help enterprises achieve more specific needs

the government vigorously supports the development of cloud services while standardizing market behavior

in recent years, from the documents of the State Council to the 13th five year plan of the national will, to the relevant policies of the Ministry of industry and information technology and local municipal governments, they have increasingly attached importance to and strongly supported the development of cloud computing. At the same time, the Ministry of industry and information technology has also successively issued policies to regulate the benign development of cloud computing industry, such as establishing unified standards for cloud computing and cloud services, and standardizing market operation behavior; And the garbage short message management action vigorously promoted has effectively solved the previous chaos in the short message market

in addition, the promotion of relevant policies such as enterprise informatization transformation and app real name system has also opened up a broad space for the continued development of cloud communication

network infrastructure is improved, and the underlying IAAs is becoming more and more mature. Building the cornerstone of cloud communication development

thanks to strong policy promotion, China's network infrastructure construction has made excellent progress. Basic telecommunications enterprises have accelerated the construction of mobile networks, and the number of 3G/4G base stations has nearly tripled in six years. At the same time, the transmission facilities have been continuously improved. In 2016, the total length of China's optical cable lines exceeded 30million kilometers, an increase of more than 2 times compared with 2010. With the improvement of network coverage and communication service capacity, the number of Mobile 3G/4G users in China has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching 940million by the end of 2016, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of users

in recent years, the government has vigorously promoted the development of cloud computing. IAAs service providers led by Alibaba cloud and Amazon AWS are becoming more and more mature in China, laying a good foundation for the development of cloud communication in PAAS and SaaS layers

traditional SMS and voice services have declined significantly, and enterprise communication has gradually become the focus of business

according to the statistical data of the communication industry published by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the number of point-to-point SMS between traditional individuals has declined year by year, accounting for less than 30% of the total mobile SMS volume by 2016. On the contrary, the number of non-point-to-point short messages dominated by enterprise short messages (industry short messages) has remained stable and increased slightly. At the same time, the telecom revenue structure continues to tilt towards Internet access and mobile traffic services, and the proportion of voice revenue has dropped to 25% of the total revenue. The traditional personal short message and voice services are significantly affected by the Internet communication, and the business scale has no possibility to recover. The focus of traditional operators' business is bound to gradually stop rotating at the same time and shift to enterprise oriented services

the enthusiasm for social networking and live broadcasting continues to rise, which is in line with the idea of APP refined operation.

since the emergence of the Internet, social networking has always been the most dazzling part of it, and has also witnessed the historical process of the development and prosperity of the Internet. In the mobile Internet era, social networking is still firmly dominant, and people's enthusiasm for mobile social networking continues to rise. In the past two years, live broadcast has become the most popular form in the social field. According to the monitoring data of iResearch musertracker, in the 12 months of 2016 alone, the number of monthly independent devices of online live broadcast apps (excluding game live broadcast, TV live broadcast, etc.) doubled, an increase of 91% over the previous period; However, the orders for thermoforming machines fell by 34% compared with the same period last year. With the maintenance of the main engine, oil source and control system as the main tasks, the number of machine users has been rising, and the proportion of people in the total population has exceeded 95% by the end of 2016, which has touched the ceiling of growth. After the mobile Internet enters the stock market, operators are required to establish the idea of refined operation, and the establishment of social relations within the application is just in line with it

traditional enterprises have accelerated their Internet transformation, and their im demand is booming.

in recent years, the digitalization and Informatization Transformation of traditional enterprises in China has accelerated, and enterprise behaviors in various aspects such as document processing, data flow and resource management have been transferred to the digital platform for processing. According to the data released by CNNIC, by the end of 2016, the proportion of Chinese enterprises using computers and Internet had reached 99.0% and 95.6% respectively, and the network coverage at the enterprise level had been basically realized. On the other hand, after the business expansion of large and medium-sized enterprises, there are more scenarios of cross regional and cross organizational office. In addition, the increasingly flexible working methods of employees promote the quiet rise of mobile office, and the demand for IM, remote conference and other products within enterprises is more vigorous

cloud communication between China and the United States has basically developed at the same time, but the global service capacity of American enterprises is far better than that of China.

cloud communication has taken shape in both China and the United States since the beginning of the 21st century. The difference is that the United States started with voice business, and a number of companies with the banner of voice2.0 have emerged, such as Jaxtr, JAJAH, etc; The first and increasingly mature market in China is the SMS market. Since then, the basic telecommunications business has developed in a favorable trend, forming a more mature industry. The vigorous development of Internet cloud communication services is relatively recent, and China's ability in this field and market maturity are better than those of the United States

however, due to American Enterprises

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